Office Policy

Office Policy

Welcome to our office!  We are very excited to have you here with us.  This is a wonderful time to get to know our office and to find out all the benefits of orthodontic treatment.  Our treatment coordinator will guide you through our examination process.  Please feel free to ask our friendly staff any questions you may have at any time!

In your first visit with us, Dr. Leung will review your medical and dental history, discuss your treatment objectives/goals, and determine the need for orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Leung will then examine your facial profile, jaws, and teeth to determine the best time to begin orthodontic treatment. 

In cases where orthodontic treatment is indicated, we will discuss treatment options, length of treatment, estimated cost of treatment, payment plans, and scheduling appointments.

However, in some cases, treatment is not indicated at this time.  This means that additional dental or skeletal maturity may be needed before starting orthodontic treatment.  In these cases, we will place you in our recall program to carefully monitor your progress until treatment is ready to begin. 

All new patient examinations are complimentary as a courtesy to our referring dentists and to our community!

Diagnostic Records
After the initial examination, we will need to obtain diagnostic records from all our patients who are ready to begin treatment.  The diagnostic records will help Dr. Leung establish a final diagnosis and treatment plan for you.  They also serve as documentation of how your face and teeth look before orthodontic treatment.

The Diagnostic Records will include the following:
- Extra-oral and Intra-oral photographs
- Study models with bite registration
- Panoramic x-ray
- Cephalometric x-ray

Once Dr. Leung has studied your diagnostic records, we will review with you the final orthodontic treatment plan.  This will include a detailed discussion of the appliances to be used, the length of treatment time, cost of treatment, payment plans, risks/benefits of treatment, foods to avoid, and what to expect during treatment.

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