Instructions for your new retainer


Wearing My Retainer
Please wear your retainer as instructed by Dr. Leung.  When you first have your orthodontic appliances removed, you will have to wear your retainer all the time except when eating, brushing, or flossing.

Cleaning My Retainer
Brush your retainer when you brush your teeth.  You may use your toothbrush with water or an old toothbrush with soap.  Do not use toothpaste because it will scratch up your retainer.  You may also want to clean your retainer with a denture cleaner such as Polident or Efferdent.  Cleaning you retainer will eliminate bacteria and plaque, which can cause unpleasant odors. 

Unpleasant Taste
You may notice an unpleasant plastic taste from your retainer.  This will disappear in a few days.  If it bothers you, you may put a few drops of mouthwash on the retainer before putting it on to mask the taste.

I Threw Away My Retainer!
When you remove your retainer, always place it in the retainer case given to you.  Do not wrap it in a napkin or place it on your tray/table.  You may accidentally throw it away or forget to take it with you.

My Pet Ate My Retainer!!
Do not leave your retainer in an area that is accessible to your pet.  They tend to like retainers, and will eat, chew, or hide your retainer. 

My Retainer Shrunk!
Do not place your retainer in boiling water or leave it in hot areas like your car or heater.  Retainers can warp and will need to be replaced.

Playing Sports
If you participate in sports or activities where your retainer can be lost or broken, do not wear it.  Remove your retainer if you are swimming, skiing, or participating in contact sports.

Special Occasions
For special reasons (giving a speech, singing, playing an instrument), you may need to remove your retainer from your mouth.  Always place it in your retainer case to prevent breaking or losing your retainer. 

Retainer checks
All retainer checks during the first year will be complimentary.  All retainer checks thereafter will be charged per appointment.

Need a New Retainer?
If you lose or break your retainer, call our office immediately to set an appointment for an impression so a new one can be made.  This will enable us to replace your retainer before your teeth has a chance to shift.


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